If you can imagine an Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown hybrid then you’re not dreaming big enough! Uncommon combination isn’t it? Now add those musical impresarios with the raw gifts and talents of American Will and you now have a megastar problem on your hands.


Born and raised in the musically inclined city of Atlanta, Georgia, Will Faroid Harvey a.k.a American Will, began his journey to the stage at the tender age of 10. Like most southern singers, Will’s vocal abilities were discovered and developed in his local church choir. He truly owns his light lyric tenor vocal style which has familiar soft tones like his peers; Chris Brown, Jacquees and Lloyd.


American Will humbly pays homage to his influences James Brown, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown by exuding apiece of them throughout his craft. Not only does he parallel himself to those industry greats but to the R&B / Pop
culture as a whole. Those genres within themselves represent one of Will’s favorite quote perfectly; “You can’t be old and wise if you were never young and crazy” - Unknown. Being able to express himself via rhythmic vibes is what sets his gift free to touch the hearts and minds of those who
witness him.


Diagnosed with relentless ambition that travels like an epidemic throughout his DNA is what sets American Will apart from his competition. That same restless commitment has garnered him with opportunities to share the stage and creative sessions with industry notables such as Zaytoven, London on the Track, DG Yola, Kwony Cash, Lil Donald, DjShawty Re, Mix Addicts and more!

His new buzz single,” How To Do It” featuring Atlanta artist, Merlo, is currently gaining momentum in the local clubs, venues and party scenes of Atlanta. The video boasts of the new wave that American Will is ushering to the youth with his ‘Golden Glide’ dance challenge (named after his trademarked golden curls). The visual features several dance crews and kids of all ages performing the new dance all shot at the infamous Cascade Skating Rink.


Enjoying life’s moments and not taking anything for granted embodies American Will’s approach to his career. A true student to the game and avid learner is the formula for The Next BIG Thing and that IT factor spells American Will....
living the American Dream